Regional hits in the 60’s. Songs like their hits “The Bob Knight Four around in the late 50’s had several Good Goodbye”, “Two Friends”, “For Sale” and “Somewhere” (from West Side Story), just to name a few. John Roper, the Bass Singer and creator and the only original member left of the Bob Knight Four continuing, with new members and added an extra harmony part and becoming John Roper and the Bob Knight Four (JRBKF). Dennis Gustaferri, has been the Lead singer in JRBKF off and on for 20 years, sharing some time with Lenny Cocco & The Chimes as a Chime. You may also notice that Johnny Diamond from our main page of Tribute Singers. He has been with JRBKF for a few years now as well. The others shown are First Tenor: Pete Scolaro, Baritone: Don Scaturro.
In the picture of the Video below is:
John Roper. John Diamond, Pete Scolaro, Don Scaturro and Dennis Gustaferri.
John Roper andThe Bob Knight Four