Tina Hanley as Patsy Cline

I actually sang  my whole life, Many in my family are musically inclined, My Aunt and Uncle were regular opera singers at the
THE METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE,  MY BROTHER WAS AN ENTERTAINER from 13 till his death at 60 yrs old. My brother was my biggest inspiration, I learned a lot from him.   I also sang a little with my good friend Johnny Maestro, as a matter of fact he recorded me in his Florida studio, also with LARRY CHANCE FROM THE EARLS who invited me up on stage to sing a few songs, this was all so new and exciting for me and I loved it.
I always dreamed of becoming a singer but due to raising children and 2 husbands it was impossible but yet I kept singing and recording my self just for fun.   My professional break came about 7 years ago when a gentleman heard me sing and asked me to sing with him in a few of his shows and from there it took off.
Today I am singing with several different men as a duo in Restaurants, Fundraisers,. Corporative Parties, Private parties and small Weddings .
I Never thought this would happen to me, sometimes I feel like i’m dreaming.  My favorite songstress of all time is of course Patsy Cline,  PATSY HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY TOP FAVORITE, I love singing her songs because they tell stories and there so passionate.  I intend to continue singing until either my voice gives out or the good lord calls me home.
Singing for me is like breathing